Age 23 - HOCD: Reflecting on the past few years of NoFap and PornFree

flirtingOn the day of my 23rd birthday, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the past few years of NoFap and PornFree. The great news, for me at least, is that I'm feeling better than ever.

Age 25 - Better memory, More productive & social, I feel my emotions clearer, I like my body

young guyI'm 25 years old, I have been suffering from PMO addiction from 12 years old, total 13 years, more than half my life. I was very quiet guy, who didn’t like to socialize with others very much.

Age 26 - Much greater capacity for emotion. Sex is now an act of love, not perversion

couple in bedDay 95 - My streak started with 67 days of hardmode. Hardmode was broken with sex. Since then I have been somewhat sexually active, but still no porn or masturbation.

Age 32 - Sexual performance problems over, new energy

happy coupleI'm 32 and started watching erotic material at age 13 or so... I haven't watched one single porn clip since April 2012. I discovered YBOP back then. I was shocked and it all made sense to me and it wasn't really hard to stop watching porn.

Age 27 - PIED cured, life is finally starting to look up

couple gazing at each otherPIED has been a big problem for me. I struggled to get an erection and keep it with every girl I ever had sex with. I thought it was mostly nerves for the longest time, some of it probably was, but I started researching it and that's when I discovered and this sub Reddit.

Age 17 - NoFap did not fix everything in my life, although it sure helped it a lot

young guyEver since I started taking this seriously two years ago my life has improved in so many ways its damn near incalculable. I have a lot going for me: I absolutely excel in almost everything I do in the arts.

Age 18 - DE cured, less anxiety, I feel alive, new girlfriend

couple kissingMy Story 6 months ago i broke up with my first girlfriend (not the prettiest), at that time i did PMO at least every day... it was bad, i had DE, I was depressed and had lack of motivation in life. I felt horrible, like something was missing.

Age 16 - Mental strength manifests itself in extraordinary accomplishments

young guyMy journey in abstinence I believe has come to a certain point. I feel that it's only right to share my experiences with everybody, while simultaneously consolidating my own thoughts on the subject.

Age 24 - Mind, body and soul balance!: NoFap Report

young guyI used to jerk off at least once a day during my teenage years and had a major acne breakout, it gradually declined to 1-3 times a week when I started working out in the Gym, the acne subsided too. Still I use to feel weak after fapping and regretted it later every time I did it.

Age 20 - Much more confident & better mood, Made more friends in last month than prior 2 years

I'm 20 y/o from Germany and my life has always gone rather well - well, objectively. I got good grades in school in all, had a nice girlfriend, all that stuff. But while I originally knew myself as a happy, outgoing, motivated person, I felt my energy draining continuously with the years.

Age 18 - Many incredible things have happened to me over these three great years.

Many incredible things have happened to me over these three great years. I I started this out as a freshman in high school, my intentions were a bit different though, at first I just wanted to have a girlfriend and make out like a typical teenage boy.

Age 27 - Sex is no longer a game to be won or lost

happy guyFirst off, a little about myself. I'm a 27 year old male software developer living in Las Vegas. I'm a bit of a rarer case on NoFap since I generally wasn't having any trouble with women when I started, at least not that I realized. I didn't have sex until I was 20 because I sort of lacked interest.

Age 28 - ED fixed, saved my relationship, improved my self-esteem

young guyFinished my three month challenge and I've got to say - this experience has changed my life forever. This challenge has saved my relationship, improved my self-esteem, and even helped me finish some things I have always wanted to do but couldn't. It even fixed YES. FIXED. my inability to get an erection.

Age 33 - Best sex I've ever had in my entire life

happy coupleOver the last month, I have met and grown very close to a woman, for the first time in a very very long time. I started nofap about two weeks before meeting her. The first night we slept together, we made the decision to wait to have sex.


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