I feel like my older, happier, less stressed, "real" version of myself. Fear has dropped dramatically.

happy guyI thought I'd share my own experience and how I got to this point. After 90 days there are 2 main things that I believe have changed about myself.

5 Great Quotes To Help You Quit Porn: Inspiration, Motivation, and Strategy

Can of inspirationWe all need inspiration sometimes: a kick in the butt to get moving, or that piece of very painful (but true) advice that helps you move past what you thought were your limits. Here are 5 great quotes that hope to do just that…

Age 17 - My gaming addiction no longer exists thanks to Nofap!

young guy with laptopI'm 17 and have been into gaming since i was 11, around the same time I discovered PMO. I would literally spend all of the weekend in my room and every spare minute of my time gaming or fapping.

Age 24 - No longer a virgin! Better at expressing myself

happy coupleThis week I achieved something I've always wanted which was to have a cute girlfriend and have sex. I was 23 when I quit porn and I'm 24 now and so this is really big for me.

Age 25 - Stopped thinking about sex 24/7

happy guyI'm a 25 years old male and like a lot of you I've been addicted to porn for quite some time, and even before being all into reddit I have for a very long time been wanting to stop.

Age 20 - Varicocele vanished, drawing again, conversations easier

"It's like having a bag of worms in your scrotum. Awesome."I'm on a 68 day streak and have noticed many of the benefits others have talked about on here. But I think I may have just discovered a really exciting physiological benefit to not masturbating. My varicocele is pretty much entirely gone.

Age 23 - Came during sex for the first time

v-card imageI'm 23, lost my v-card at 19. For long I thought this was one of those things some people were capable of but I wasn't. I know that isn't a big deal for some, but for me it was.

Age 19 - I finally hit my stride...and then lost it

prom limoThis is my experience with my longest streak I've had, which was 100 days during my senior year in high school, a couple years ago.

Age 22 - More focused and goal oriented now, better with the ladies

happy guyI started around 6 years back around the end of middle school and got hooked like everyone else. The only time I tried to do nofap was a few months after i started coz i thought I'd blown through my data cap.

Age 31 - I think I have kind of cured my PIED (triggers)

guy watching computerStarted fapping at a young age, now 31 and have been fapping to porn for a long time, before high-speed internet, started with images, then those short 5-10 second clips, then torrents, then full on high-speed-everything-at-your-fingerprints.

Age 23 - Transformed from weird loner into charming guy

young guyI'm a 23 years old guy from India. As a kid, I was sexually abused by a girl who used to baby-sit cum tutor me, she was around 7-8 years older than me.

Age 22 - 90 day report (PIED seems cured)

young guyAlmost all of the reports I see about nofap tells amazing stories how they have become better men from abstaining from masturbation. I feel like I have not witnessed the same 'superpowers' as most people have.

Age 18 - ED & Delayed Ejaculation: Reached orgasm with my girlfriend for the first time in two years.

happy young coupleI've been on and off attempting this for a while now. But this is my longest streak, and I'm delighted to say that I have reached orgasm with my girlfriend for the first time in two years.

Age - 21 Sexual problems cured, but went back to porn

Oh wellI am very grateful for this subreddit because finding NoFap 3 years ago helped me a lot. My main reason for starting it was to get rid of my delayed ejaculation.

Age 28 - Delayed ejaculation & loss of sensitivity cured

fireworksI wouldn't say I was addicted to porn or masturbation. However with every partner I have felt little sensation and been unable to come. For years this got me so down, as I could not enjoy sex, and having kids would be really difficult, potentially impossible.


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