Age 25 - I can enjoy sex again

feet in bedIt worked for me and at last i can enjoy sex! Here is my story. I had sex at the age of 13 before i start M. At the age of 13,5-14 i ''discovered'' M.

Depression and fear gone, women notice me, stronger voice, more outgoing

This no fap thing has been a journey!! So day 54 and I feel better than I ever have since I was like in middle school and I'm 20 right now. I am more articulate with my speech, I am able to listen better and I connect more with people.

Age 25 - ED cured: Fantastic sex with my dream girl. I have never been this happy to be alive.

guy kissing girlMy goal when starting nofap was to put on some muscle, to find a girlfriend, and have successful sex for the first time in my life. Since starting nofap 10 months ago I have leaned down to 10% with intermittent fasting, found myself an amazing, beautiful girlfriend and a new job.

Age 20s - (ED) More confident, motivated and honest - woman look at me more

happy guyI am in my late 20's, started using in my early teens, quit because of E.D. and hitting rock bottom. Rock bottom involving sex with an ex-gf/long time friend who was married. Because of my E.D. I didn't use a condom, and she wasn't on the pill so we had to use the morning after pill.

Age 25 - Female - 91 days hard mode

young womanThis isn't my first rodeo for nofap, but it is the longest time I've gone without sex. When I first started nofap for the first time a few summers ago, I relapsed a few times and eventually hit 60ish days.

Age 18 - 90 Day Hard Mode: Benefits & Experience

rock climbingToday is my day 90 on hard mode. I'm going to try my best to explain the changes I've experienced, benefits and all that, and organize it to the best of my ability because I'm very good at rambling.

Age 24 - Social anxiety is something I have struggled with for decades, now it barely bothers me

happy guyLike the title says, today is 110 days in for me, 20 more than my initial goal of 90 days. I can honestly say that things are looking up and life is improving. I'm going to try keep this short even though I could ramble on forever.

XXX: Porn Addiction (Native America Calling radio)

Native America Calling logoDo you think pornography can consume lives and affect relationships? Some also believe that porn also creates a negative image of women and sex. How do you think porn affects the way men, especially young boys, view women and sex? Listen to the show

Condom-ED study + Kinsey Institute Spin

detective at workUS News reported that "Condoms Don't Prevent Erection, Study Says: New Research puts to rest an old, out-dated theory." The spin and misinformation are strong in this one! We can hear the condom manufacturers now, talking with the Kinsey folk (who did the study) saying, "Men think condoms cause ED. How can we get something into the press to convince them otherwise?"

Age 43 - 30 Days in. NoFAP has transformed my marriage

happy coupleI'm 43 years old and been married for 20 years. Up until now I fapped the entire time. I committed myself to try NoFap / NoPorn for 30 days. Today I hit that mark. The results have been incredible!

Age 21 - Social anxiety gone, people respect me

young guyI have been here for over a year relapsed.... struggled... got down..... but u guys never let me give out. I always read the inspirational words by u all and always got up again and again.

Age 28 - No more debilitating depression, suicidal thoughts. Energy, concentration, stamina up

couple eating a mealI'm a 28 y/o guy who started fapping at around age 11 and started looking at P (first stills, then videos) at around age 13. I was an introverted teen, a gamer, and socially awkward but embracing it.

Age 24 - It's crazy how far I have come

roadYesterday I hit 90 days for the first time. I failed over 100 times, I finally did it. It's crazy how far I have come. Weeks ago, I wanted to kill myself and do pills. I'm glad I didn't.

Age 26 - No longer a virgin, lost weight, life has never been better

I am completing one year without porn and I decided to write this post to show you how my life improved, and somehow to thank this amazing community that I owe so much, and give strength and hope to everyone struggling right now.


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