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We have produced 5 videos:

  1. Your Brain On Porn: The Effcets of Internet Porn on the Brain (2015) For a general overview of Internet porn's effects.
  2. Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction (2014) best explanation of the science and how Internet porn is unique.
  3. Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn (2013), delves into the science of sexual conditioning. 
  4. The Great Porn Experiment (2012) (version with German subtitles) which is a more complete version of my TEDx talk.
  5. Things You Didn't Know About Porn (2010). For kids, ages 8-11.

The videos below will help you understand the brain science of addiction, porn addiction, sexual conditioning, and porn-induced problems.

Science - Directly Related to Porn Viewing

Addiction Related Science

Science - Indirectly Related

Documentaries & News Reports

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23-minute talk given in Austin in January, 2014