Age 26 - Spent the whole day with my dream girl

holding handsIt finally happened. Last two weeks on Nofap were great. I have been acting so natural and flirting with girls. Yesterday I was just in pub and my ex bff whom I.haven't seen for a long time came and started talking to me.

"Take Back Your Power from Porn" with Gary Wilson

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Flirted in a coffee shop today

flirting over coffeeWent to a coffee shop one day this week and made eye contact with a pretty girl. She came over to me, sat down and we talked for a few hours.

Age 20 - I used to have a secret agenda with women. But now it's way different.

Romeo and JulietThese last days something just changed my mind, I used to hate woman (they always play games, there are evil, they want to control all of us). But now is different, completely different.

Cured all of my sexual dysfunctions

happy guyI've been lurking these forums as well as YBOP for several years now. I had possibly one of the worst cases of PIED/Performance Anxiety that I had read about

Age 29 - Married, quit gaming then porn - life is amazing

happy guyI’m 29, Married, 1 kid, IT pro. I started with masturbation when I was around 13, started watching porn when was about 16 and been playing video games since about 13 too.

Age 17 - I feel like a brand new person. Much stronger, calmer, happier. Better erections too.

like a rockNow when I stand and walk, my body feels much more concrete and unmovable. My body feels as if it is a boulder so to say.

Age 33 - Delayed ejaculation seems to be cured

happy coupleMy major success to share is this: I came from intercourse for the first time in my life last week, and then again three days later.

Men on pornography ‘Where’s the harm if I’m feeling lonely?’ (The Times, UK)

guy with computerJonathan Porter, 48, accountant
When I was a teenager in the Eighties, I saw pornography in magazines such as Razzle and Fiesta that didn’t turn me on at all. It seemed cartoonish and degrading.

PIED cured rather quickly

I had noticed my PIED when I got into bed with a girl from my college. I couldn't get an erection and this disappointed her greatly.

Tips on healing "performance anxiety" (which can accompany PIED)

TIP of the weekI began to lose erections 6 months ago gradually when I was PMOing. One night I even couldn't get it up and it became a TRAUMA for me.

I feel like my older, happier, less stressed, "real" version of myself. Fear has dropped dramatically.

happy guyI thought I'd share my own experience and how I got to this point. After 90 days there are 2 main things that I believe have changed about myself.

5 Great Quotes To Help You Quit Porn: Inspiration, Motivation, and Strategy

Can of inspirationWe all need inspiration sometimes: a kick in the butt to get moving, or that piece of very painful (but true) advice that helps you move past what you thought were your limits. Here are 5 great quotes that hope to do just that…

Age 17 - My gaming addiction no longer exists thanks to Nofap!

young guy with laptopI'm 17 and have been into gaming since i was 11, around the same time I discovered PMO. I would literally spend all of the weekend in my room and every spare minute of my time gaming or fapping.


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