Your Brain on Porn

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Video - 250 Days of "Effortless" NoFap


Age 28 - I'm free: Nobody lets their body dictate every move, so why should sex drive dictate mine?

So, after 60 days of a very intentional reboot, I can finally say that I feel in control of my life and impulses, to the point where I enjoy life without the tyranny of sexual impulses. A few months ago, the idea of walking down the street without thinking about anything sexual seemed impossible.

Age 31 - My ED is much better now. Used visualization and hanging around girls to rewire

When I first started NoFap on Hard Mode I had really bad ED and DE to the point where I had almost given up on it I just did not understand it at all. But since doing this reboot I have learned a lot and my ED is much better now.

Age 21 - I've been unjust & rude to girls all these years, but now I respect women more than ever

Started nofap in January and decided to take a No PMO challenge on 18 January 2017. It was so much hard and difficult for a person who was used to of sexual activities from his childhood not know exactly what age maybe 5 or 6, A girl of my age taught me about this, that time we did it childishly just touching ,no real type of sex. After that I became used to of this pleasure, and in coming about 8th or 9th class I started doing PMO.

Age 23 - Finally able to quit porn after 2 years of trying: ED is gone & I had sex with a girl that I really like

I had sex for the first time in almost a year and it was amazing. I finally was able to quit watching pornography after 2 years of trying, my ED is gone and I had sex with a girl that I really like. What I did and how you can too:

Feel closer and more connected with my SO and all around happier. Life is really good

You should have fun with your food. Meaning you should take your reboot seriously because it's good for you, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. I'm going to tell you my success. Where I started, my journey here, and how even though I'm one year one month and two weeks PM free, I still have to work every day to stay successful.

Age 23 - Extreme clarity, inspired ideas, more female attention, volunteering

I don't know how to put into words how proud I am to be able to write this.. You guys better upvote this to make it worth my while haha. I am 23yo M black guy. (from the UK if you really care?). If you want to know my back story check out my previous posts but the long story short is that I've been fapping with porn since I was 11/12.