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Cybersex Addiction Among College Students: A Prevalence Study (2017)

Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity Pages 1-11 | Published online: 28 Mar 2017

Amanda L. Giordano & Craig S. Cashwell

COMMENTS: In a cross-disciplinary survey of students (avg. age 23), 10.3% scored in the clinical range for cybersex addiction (19% of men and 4% of women). It's important to note that this survey did not limit its participants to porn users. (Two other recent studies on rates of porn addiction limited their sample to male subjects who had used porn at least once in the last 3 months (or 6 months). Both those studies reported addiction/problematic porn use rates of ~28%.)

Video - NoFap 90-Day Experiment: My Success Story. by OnePercentBetter

NoFap 90-Day Experiment ► My Success Story 2017

By OnePercentBetter

Age 26 - (PIED) Normal sex is pretty great now

I'm 26, Male. Porn was getting in the way of actual productivity some days, I started watching stuff that made me feel uneasy or weird later (sexual desensitization), I experienced PIED and sexual performance issues.

Age 25 - I've become the man I was supposed to be all along

I'm 25, and I used porn for close to 10 years. A lot of what got me to give this a try was l had just had a discussion with a friend of mine about  my teenage years. I attributed a lot of it to a strong sex drive, but realized I had lost that long ago. I just so happened to see a post on r/all that linked back to NoFap, and from there I thought about how I was spending more and more time doing something I was enjoying less and less  and I realized I had a problem. So I made an honest effort to get away from it.

German Heterosexual Women’s Pornography Consumption and Sexual Behavior (2017)

Public Health Significance Statement:

This study suggests that greater exposure to pornography among heterosexual German women is associated with their desire to engage in or having previously engaged in submissive sexual behaviors but not dominant behaviors. This pattern of correlations aligns with sexual script theory and content analyses of dominance and submission and gender in pornography. It does not align with the perspective that measures of pornography consumption are simply proxies for factors such as a high sex drive or an adventurous approach to sex.

Age 22 - PIED cured: My sexual relationship with my girlfriend has gotten so much better since quitting porn.

My erections are harder, and more reliable. Previously I'd needed some stimulation to even get hard, which is insane at the age of 22. I'm hard before we even take our clothes off now.

Age 27 - Now I feel alive, finally. I can see colors again, and feel real emotions

WHERE I WAS. My story is typical. I watched porn for the first time when I was 10 or 11. Since then, pornography has accompanied me for 16 (yes, sixteen) years. I don't wanna go deeply into details. You all know how it is. I've been struggling for years. I had couple of decent streaks but every time addiction found a way to confuse my spirit, mind and body.