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Faith-based Masturbation Site Uses Science

science and faithRecently, it came to me attention that had posted a link to this website. I find this especially interesting because I had tried to get help from pastors but to no avail (in my case).

What I No Longer Envy . . .

sauteed veggiesWith a good explanation of the mechanism of porn addiction I have been able to break free, and every day I feel a profound sense of newfound freedom because I no longer am a slave to compulsive sexual behaviors.

How Men, Women and Children Can Be Smarter Than Their Smart Devices

iPadSmart devices, tablets and smartphones are literally a dream come true for me. I believe that the tablet, such as an iPad, represents a new hallmark in bringing the benefits of computers to the average person. There is a quantum difference between using even an advanced notebook computer and using a tablet with a built in, always-on, Internet connection. It’s a life changing device, especially if you are on the go.

Religion and Porn Addiction

Bible and PlayboyRecently, there has been some buzz regarding the role of religion with regard to porn addiction. One study showed that men claiming to be Christian were twice as likely as non-Christians to think that they might be addicted to porn.

Perspectives From 18 Months of Freedom

turkey dinnerAccording to my counter I have now passed the 18 month mark since either masturbating or using pornography. As I write my emotions are a mixture of joy and solemnity. I am very happy to be free and don't ever want to go back. The solemn emotions are the result of realizing how much time was wasted on this habit.

Is It Possible For a Man to be Platonic Friends With a Woman He Finds Attractive?

Elephant in the room in male-female friendshipsShort answer: MAYBE! But there's a lot that goes into that conclusion starting with this blog post, which is the inspiration for my blog post. 

Some Thoughts On Porn Actors

This may not be a good post to read if you are in the early stages of reboot and struggling. I don't intend to post anything remotely erotic, but I am going to be talking about porn actors, etc. I will mention a name or two, but only because there's no way to really express my thoughts completely without doing so. 

Freedom; After Four Decades of Addiction.

LTE logoHello to everyone here at YBOP. I am a porn and masturbation addict that has been in recovery since December of 2012. I am a member of Reboot where I post in the 40+ section under the name LTE. I will be posting to YBOP from time to time, reporting my progress and observations that I've made about my recovery process. 

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