Did porn warp me forever? (Salon.com)

Like other boys my age, I grew up with unlimited access to smut. At 23, I wonder if it’s totally screwed me up By Isaac Abel,  Sunday, Jan 13, 2013 It was the era of Kazaa and we knew no better. Among my group of male friends at my austere private elementary school, watching, discussing […]

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Our current list of Internet addiction brain studies. Without exception, all studies have found addiction-related brain changes in Internet addicts. This review of the literature makes a compelling argument for Internet porn addiction as a sub-type of Internet addiction Neuroscience of Internet Pornography Addiction: A Review and Update (2015). The review also critiques two recent […]

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A Love That Doesn’t Last: Pornography Consumption and Weakened Commitment to One’s Romantic Partner (2012) – Abstained from porn for 3 weeks

COMMENTS: The first study to have subjects abstain from porn use (only 3 weeks). Comparing the two groups, those who continued using pornography reported lower levels of commitment than control participants. What might have occurred if they abstained for 3 months instead of 3 weeks? Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology: Vol. 31, No. 4, […]

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Porn and DSM-5: Are Sexual Politics At Play? (2012)

UPDATES: Porn/sex addiction? This page lists 55 neuroscience-based studies (MRI, fMRI, EEG, neuropsychological, hormonal). They provide strong support for the addiction model as their findings mirror the neurological findings reported in substance addiction studies. The real experts’ opinions on porn/sex addiction? This list contains 30 recent literature reviews & commentaries by some of the top neuroscientists […]

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The Wages of Sexual-Addiction Politics (2011)

Did addiction politics leave us stranded on a slippery slope? Ever wonder why the brains of pathological gamblers, food addicts and video-game addicts have been studied, yet no one has studied the brains of porn addicts? We’ve certainly wondered—especially as one often hears the claim that the absence of studies is “proof” that porn addiction/sex […]

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Are You Hooked on Porn? Ask ASAM (2011)

Porn users describe what it’s like to be hooked Last month, 3000 doctors of the American Society for Addiction Medicine released a public statement bringing the definition of addiction into line with decades of addiction research. “[Addiction] is about brains…. It’s about underlying neurology, not outward actions,” explains ASAM’s Dr. Michael Miller. ASAM’s definition captures […]

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American Society for Addiction Medicine: Definition of Addiction – Long Version. (2011)

COMMENTS: The sweeping new ASAM “definition of addiction” (August 2011) ends the debate over the existence behavioral addictions, including sex and porn addiction. This new definition of addiction, which includes behavioral addictions, such as food, gambling and sex, ASAM unequivocally states behavioral addictions involve similar brain alterations and neural pathways as do drug addictions. We […]

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Philip Zimbardo: The Demise of Guys? (2011)

The Demise of Guys is a short TED talk by Professor Phil Zimbardo. Gary Wilson’s 2012 TEDx talk The Great Porn Experiment was a direct response to Zimbardo. Note: Two articles co-authored by by Phil Zimbardo and Gary Wilson How porn is messing with your manhood, by Philip Zimbardo, Gary Wilson & Nikita Coulombe (March, […]

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