PORN MYTHS by Gabe Deem

PORN MYTHS by Gabe Deem. 10 common myths you will hear about the no porn movement. In this video Gabe exposes those myths and explains how they do not apply to everyone. […]

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‘Generation X-Rated’: Global News Canada (Porn-Induced ED)

“It’s hard to know exactly how many young men are suffering from porn-induced ED. But it’s clear that this is a new phenomenon, and it’s not rare.” (link) – Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Director of Men’s Health Boston and Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School It’s a disturbing by-product of the internet age – […]

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Wiring Sexual Tastes to Hairless Genitals…Oops! (2012)

Are we waxing away the line between adults and children? At present, our culture both underestimates the power of erotic cues and misinterprets their significance. That is, sexual cues are presumed harmless because sexual tastes are thought to be hardwired whatever one views. Two circular assumptions follow from this faulty premise: First, we assume that […]

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Critique of “Perceived Addiction to Internet Pornography and Psychological Distress: Examining Relationships Concurrently and Over Time” (2015)

UPDATE 2016: A much more comprehensive analysis of Joshua Grubbs’s claims and studies can be found here – Is Grubbs pulling the wool over our eyes with his “perceived porn addiction” research? (2016) UPDATE 2017: A new study (Fernandez et al., 2017) tested and analyzed the CPUI-9, a purported “perceived pornography addiction” questionnaire developed by […]

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Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy

Patient Characteristics by Type of Hypersexuality Referral: A Quantitative Chart Review of 115 Consecutive Male Cases (2015)

COMMENTS: A study on men (average age 41.5) with hypersexuality disorders, such as paraphilias and chronic masturbation or adultery. 27 were classified as “avoidant masturbators,” meaning they masturbated (typically with porn use) one or more hours per day or more than 7 hours per week. 71% of these porn addicts reported sexual functioning problems, with […]

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Am I asexual?

If you grew up on internet porn watching all kinds of porn and getting hooked on screen sex, you may not respond much to sex with a real person. This can cause massive confusion. Interestingly, those who quit internet porn often experience the return of their normal attractions, whatever they may be. In short, don’t […]

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